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I start my job tomorrow. Prayers would be awesome.


do u have that one person who you kinda just 

im so happy youre alive i dont care that youre miles and miles away i just love you a lot and care for you so much

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"Why are you trying to build a boat when you’re called & able to walk on the water?"

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I will never tell you that you look beautiful.
I will never tell you that (you) look lovely.
Because those statements hinge on sundresses
and too much time looking in the mirror.
After all, it is just a piece of glass.
And you (are) too,
because I see right through the beaming
reflections on your skin.
And you are deeper than the ocean,
calmer than it too.
As sweet as dripping honey,
and as (soft) as morning dew.
You’re that feel(i)ng at 2 (am), when the Sun
is asleep and somehow I still don’t feel alone.
And you are every gentle raindrop landing
on (quiet) rooftops in late July.
Your roots sink further than lofty White Oaks,
and your reach extends far beyond their branches.
You keep every beam of sunlight,
your eyes like glowing coals,
and every morning the horizon must borrow
from all the splendor that you hold.
They fill books with all your essence,
and it’s still never enough.
So I will call you what you are.
You are lovely.
You are beautiful.
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For your body.
Anonymous asked:

Ok so my family and I have been traveling and staying in weird hotels and now my period is 10 days late. Idk how clean those showers were and I guess idk... Umm how easy is it to get pregnant? I'm scared! Is my body just out of whack from driving for hours? Weird things have been happening to my body I guess. Could I have just missed a period, or could it still be coming, or am I just out of whack idk but I'm terrified right now and I need some help.

Heyyy don’t worry. You can’t get pregnant from the shower. Your body is probably just stressed or out of whack. Don’t worry okay :]




Found this little guy at college today

I wonder what he is majoring in.

maybe neuroscience.
Remember, there is nothing wrong with feeling fear. After all, how else would we come to know our own weaknesses? You need to know them, in order to become a stronger and gentler person.
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